You asked: What are the two main objectives of wildlife Act 1972?

The main objectives of the Act are as Follows: Prohibition on Hunting of Specified wild animals, birds and plants. Setting up and management of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Control of Trade and Commerce in wildlife and wildlife products.

What was the main objective of 1972 wildlife Act?

The Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 is a hallmark in the history of wildlife protection in our Nation. This Act prohibits the hunting of wild animals. It prohibits the damage, collection, uprooting and possession or selling of any specified plant from any protected area or a forest land.

What are the objectives of Wildlife Protection Act?

Among other reforms, the Act established schedules of protected plant and animal species; hunting or harvesting these species was largely outlawed. The Act provides for the protection of wild animals, birds and plants; and for matters connected therewith or ancillary or incidental thereto.

What are the objectives of wildlife?

As part of the world’s ecosystems, wildlife provides balance and stability to nature’s processes. The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure the survival of these species, and to educate people on living sustainably with other species.

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What are the important features of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 India?

The Act prohibited the hunting of endangered species. Scheduled animals are prohibited from being traded as per the Act’s provisions. The Act provides for licenses for the sale, transfer, and possession of some wildlife species. It provides for the establishment of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, etc.

What are the objectives of Wildlife Protection Act when was Wildlife Protection Act implemented write its?

The Indian Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in 1972. The main objective of this act is that to protect wild plants and wild animals. According to the Indian Wildlife protection act, the hunting and harming of wild animals are strictly prohibited.

What are the objectives of Wildlife Protection Act which wildlife products are traded illegally?

The Government of India enacted Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 with the objective to effectively protect the wild life of this country and to control poaching, smuggling and illegal trade in wildlife and its derivatives.

What are the two main aims of wildlife conservation?

The two main aim’s of wildlife conservation is: 1. to save endangered animals. 2. to take proper care of animals with their life.

Which of the following is the main objective of wildlife sanctuary?

The wildlife sanctuaries are established to protect the endangered species.

What is the significance of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 PDF?

India Code: Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972. Long Title: An Act to provide for the protection of wild animals, birds and plants and for matters connected therewith or ancillary or incidental thereto with a view to ensuring the ecological and environmental security of the country.

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