How much are tickets for Wonders of Wildlife?

Is Wonders of Wildlife worth the money?

This is very much worth the price of admission. The displays are very educational and extraordinary. Little Bobby will have fun as well as Granny Sue. The whole family will love Wonders of Wildlife.

How long does it take to go through the Wonders of Wildlife aquarium?

How long does it take to see Wonders of Wildlife? Wonders of Wildlife contains over 1.5 miles of immersive exhibits and experiences. We recommend allowing 3-4 hours for the experience.

How much does it cost to go to the aquarium in Springfield Missouri?

To view the aquarium the ticket is $29.95 and to just view the wildlife galleries the ticket is $14.95. Children under 4 are free. A combo ticket for children ages 4-11 is $23.95. For just the aquarium, the ticket is $19.95 and for just the wildlife gallery the ticket is $9.95.

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How much is Bass Pro aquarium?

Aquarium only 29.95 adults, 19.95 children. Combo ticket 39.95 adults, 23.95 children.

Is there food at Wonders of Wildlife?

Dining and Snack Bar Options

Grab lunch, dinner or a quick bite to eat during your visit to Wonders of Wildlife. … We offer two on-site dining and snack options, Fish Tales Cafe and the Shipwreck Snack Bar. WOW is also conveniently located next to Hemingway’s, Bass Pro Shops dine-in experience.

How big is the Wonders of Wildlife aquarium?

The 350,000 square foot facility consists of two major sections.

Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium.

Date opened September 22, 2017
Location Springfield, Missouri, United States
Coordinates 37.1814°N 93.2965°WCoordinates:37.1814°N 93.2965°W
Total volume of tanks More than 1.5 million US gallons (5,700 m3)
Annual visitors 1.6 Million (2018)

Who owns wonders of wildlife?

Springfield, Mo. –

Wonders of Wildlife is a gift to the sportsmen and women of America from noted conservationist, angler and Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris.

Is Bass Pro aquarium free?

Bass Pro – free exhibits! … The attached Wonders of Wildlife is a bit pricey… but the Bass Pro store has enough cool stuff to see for a couple hour visit. If you have more time, then pay to see the exhibits at WOW.

How long does it take to tour the aquarium in Branson?

If this is your first large aquarium I would plan probably 3 hours or so, if you have been to others more like 1 to 2 hours.

When did wonders of wildlife open?

Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium to Celebrate Grand Opening on September 21, 2017. Johnny Morris, founder/CEO of Bass Pro Shops and leading conservationist, in partnership with noted conservation partners from around the world, today announced the all new Wonders of Wildlife…

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Does Bass Pro Shop have an aquarium?

Each of the Bass Pro Shops retail locations feature an aquarium authentically decorated to match the local environment, and stocked with trophy fish that are native to the area.

How big is the Bass Pro aquarium?

1.5-million-gallon Aquarium Adventure showcasing 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds, and immersive Wildlife Galleries that bring visitors eye-to-eye with the greatest collection of record-setting game animals ever assembled.

Can you fish in the Bass Pro Shop pyramid?

In addition to an incredible assortment of fishing, boating, hunting and outdoor gear, the mega store includes a 103-room hotel with treehouse cabins (see Big Cypress Lodge below); 600,000 gallons of water teeming with over 1,800 fish; a cypress swamp with alligator pools and duck aviaries; and a breathtaking …