Do you recycle circuit boards?

Recycling a Populated Printed Circuit Board. Scrap bare PCBs (i.e. unpopulated PCBs) contain small amounts of copper that can be recycled. The amount of gold, silver, or tin in them is usually tiny. The FR4 epoxy glass laminate which makes up the bulk of the bare PCB cannot be recycled back to its constituents.

Are circuit boards recyclable?

Circuit Boards are shredded and smelted to recover their precious metals – primarily gold, silver and copper. Downstream recyclers have environmental pollutant controls for waste dust, water, and fumes including dust collectors, waste water treatment plants, and fume scrubbers.

What do you do with old circuit boards?

While some places may accept your old TVs and computers, others may only want the circuit board (which can easily be removed). Check out websites like or to find out where you can recycle these devices. Many electronics companies also have trade in or recycling programs.

How much are circuit boards worth in scrap?

Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards LB
Small Socket / Metal Socket Motherboard COLORED (no batteries) $1.90
Finger Board Trimmed/Devalued – Mid Grade High $2.15
Finger Boards (Only need to remove OVERSIZED heatsinks, battery… metal bracket is OK) $4.25
Dual Socket Server Boards – Large Socket $4.75
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How do you dispose of circuit boards?

How Are PCBs Recycled?

  1. Thermal Recovering. For this process, you must heat the PCB to a high temperature to recover the metals present on the board. …
  2. Chemical Recovering. …
  3. Physical Recovering. …
  4. Edge Trim. …
  5. Wastewater Sludge. …
  6. Used Basic Etching Solution. …
  7. Hot Air Leveling.

Are circuit boards hazardous waste?

Many spent solutions from printed circuit board manufacturing are strong bases or strong acids. … Consequently, these spent solutions are characterized as hazardous wastes and subjected to tight environmental regulations.

How are circuit boards recycled?

Printed circuit boards are often recycled through dismantling. Dismantling involves the removal of tiny components on the PCB. Once recovered, many of these components can be used again. Common PCB components include capacitors, switches, audio sockets, TV plugs, resistors, motors, screws, CRTs, LEDs and transistors.

Do all circuit boards have gold?

Motherboards and printed circuit boards – The motherboard in particular is often the best potential source of gold in computers. The edges of most components on the board will have gold contacts and connectors where the wires slide in. You will often find thin layers of gold on the motherboard’s surface.

Are motherboards worth scrapping?

The older motherboards such as the ones used in telecommunication equipment and server cabinets contain comparatively larger quantities of gold in them, thus making them worth more money. … Still, motherboards are considered to be one of the most valuable part, scrapping of which will earn good money for you.

Why is it hard to recycle PCB?

Recycling PCBs is challenging, since a PCB contains several different chemicals, metals (including precious metals such as gold, silver and copper) and glass fibers. … Since Tantalum is in such high-demand and difficult to substitute, recycling it from end-of-life electronics is important to its sustained use.

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