Best answer: What do you understand about integrated solid waste management and what are their components?

Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) is a comprehensive waste prevention, recycling, composting, and disposal program. An effective ISWM system considers how to prevent, recycle, and manage solid waste in ways that most effectively protect human health and the environment.

What are the components of an integrated solid waste management system?

The four components or functional elements of ISWM include source reduction, recycling and composting, waste transportation and landfilling. These waste management activities can be undertaken either in interactively or hierarchically.

What is Integrated waste management discuss the components of integrated waste management in detail?

Integrated waste management is built upon the 3 Rs –reduce, reuse and recycle – and on the waste hierarchy. ISWM involves using a combination of waste management methods to achieve the best waste management solution. ISWM builds on the four principles of equity, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

What do you understand by integrated solid waste management?

Integrated solid waste management refers to the strategic approach to sustainable management of solid wastes covering all sources and all aspects, covering generation, segregation, transfer, sorting, treatment, recovery and disposal in an integrated manner, with an emphasis on maximizing resource use efficiency.

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What are the main components of an integrated waste management strategy?

The integrated waste management strategy relies on handling waste in a four pronged approach: waste minimisation, recycling (including composting), Energy Recovery, and finally as a last resort, landfill.

Why is integrated waste management program important?

Having a comprehensive waste management system for efficient waste collection, transportation, and systematic waste disposal—together with activities to reduce waste generation and increase waste recycling—can significantly reduce all these problems.

What is the first step in an integrated waste management system?

A successful IWMP helps to lower total operating costs, increases efficiency, reduces open dumping, and improves protection of human health and the environment. Planning is the first step in designing or improving a waste management system.

What four methods are incorporated under Integrated waste management?

option is waste avoidance and reduction, followed by re-use, recycling, recovery and the least preferred option being treatment and disposal.

How many main components are in integrated waste management?

Explanation: An integrated waste management strategy includes three main components they are source reduction, recycling and disposal. All these three types plays an important role in the solid waste management.