Why does Thiruvananthapuram has equable climate throughout the year?

Tiruvanantapuram has an equable climate because of its proximity to the sea. The sea exerts a moderating influence on the climate of the region. For most parts of the country, the months of October to November form a period of transition from hot rainy season to dry winter conditions.

Why does Thiruvananthapuram have moderate climate?

Thiruvananthapuram has an equable climate because of its closeness to the sea. The sea exerts a moderating impact on the climate of the region. 1) Monsoon has its tendency to have ‘breaks’ in rainfall. 2) Thus, it has wet and dry spells.

What causes equable of climate?

Equable climate is caused because they are situated close to or along the hence the influence of the sea has an effect on the temperature. The diurnal range of temperature is less hence it has a moderate or maritime climate. Therefore the annual range in temperature is low.

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Why are Thiruvananthapuram and Shillong Rainier in June than in July?

(i) Why are Thiruvananthapuram and Shillong rainier in June than in July? Answer :The south-west monsoons hit Thiruvananthapuram and Shillong around the first of June. Thiruvananthapuram receives rain from the Arabian Sea branch while Shillong receives rain from the Bay of Bengal branch.

Why Chennai has more rains only after monsoon is over?

Chennai has more rains only after the monsoon is over in most parts of the country. … The monsoons withdraw from India by December completely. The retreating monsoons get the direction of N.E. Monsoons. The winds pick up moisture while crossing Bay of Bengal.

What is the difference between weather and climate answers?

Weather refers to short term atmospheric conditions while climate is the weather of a specific region averaged over a long period of time.

What is the effect of the presence of El Nino in the western Pacific Ocean?

During an El Niño event, sea surface temperatures over the central and eastern Pacific become warmer than normal. The normal easterly trade winds weaken and sometimes, the winds will switch and blow from the west to the east!

Which place has an equable climate?

This type of climate is usually found near the sea or coastal areas. The equable climate has a mean annual temperature of 14°C. In India, the equable climate can be found in Mumbai, Chennai, Mangalore, Goa, Kerala.

Which state does not have equable climate?

the answer is chennai. equable type of climate is generally found in areas close to the sea.

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Which of the following place has the equable climate?

Four cities in India experiencing equable climate are: Kolkata, Mumbai, Puri and Goa. The cities which experience equable climate are those which are located by the seas, having a coastal climate. In such cities, the temperatures remain almost constant all year round and not much differences are noticed in the same.

Why is Mumbai rainier than Thiruvananthapuram?

Both Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram receive rainfall from South West Monsoons in Summer. South West Monsoons reach Thiruvananthapuram by 1st of June. But in July, there is a break in monsoons thereby reducing rainfall. … Hence, July is rainier in Mumbai.

Why Thiruvananthapuram receives more rainfall than Mumbai?

(ii) The Arabian Sea branch of the south-west monsoons reaches Tiruvanantapuram around the first of June. It reaches Mumbai around the tenth of June. So, Tiruvanantapuram receives much of its rainfall in the month of June, while Mumbai receives much of its rainfall in the month of July.

Why does Jodhpur have desert climate?

Jodhpur is in the extreme western part of India and so, when the monsoon winds reach it, they have exhausted their moisture. Further it is on the edge of the Thar Desert. That is why it has a hot desert type of climate. … No monsoon winds are able to reach it.

Why does Chennai receives less rain than Thiruvananthapuram?

Chennai receives rain from northeast monsoons during October-November which is not very strong hence gives less rain whereas Thiruvananthapuram Kerala receives very heavy rain from southwest monsoon which are much more powerful. It also gets some rain from the retreating Monsoon.

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Which places have moderate climate in India?

Moderate Climate Places

  • Pune, Maharashtra. Image by Mukul2u via Wikimedia. Pune in Maharashtra has a myriad mix of people following different cultural and spiritual inclinations. …
  • Gujarat. Image by Capankajsmilyo via Wikimedia. …
  • Lakshadweep, Kerala. Image by Manvendra Bhangui via Wikimedia.

Why does Mumbai and Chennai have equable climate while places like Jaipur and Delhi away from the sea have an extreme climate?

The correct answer is option (b). Explanation: Coastal areas experience equable climate because of the presence of water bodies around the peninsula. The interior parts of the country experience extreme climate.