Your question: Why tropical region is rich in biodiversity Upsc?

– Tropical latitudes produce more solar power than temperate zones, resulting in high productivity and high diversity of biodiversity. – There are fewer seasonal changes in tropical regions and they have a more or less stable climate. This encourages the specialization of the niche and hence the high wealth of animals.

Why are tropical countries rich in biodiversity Upsc?

The tropical forest has a stable ecosystem as well as a suitable climatic condition and favorable reproductive environment for animal and species to thrive.

Why tropical regions are rich in biodiversity than temperate regions?

“There is greater biodiversity in tropical/subtropical regions than in temperate region. … The tropical/subtropical region exhibit maximum biological diversity because these region remain undisturbed due to less variable climatic conditions. So, tropics has a longer evolutionary time for species diversification.

Why is Tropic rich in biodiversity give three reasons?

(1) Tropical latitudes receive more solar energy than temperate regions, which leads to high productivity and high species diversity. (2) Tropical regions have less seasonal variations and have a more or less constant environment. This promotes the niche specialization and thus, high species richness.

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Why are tropical areas richer in biological resources than polar areas?

One idea is that tropical regions harbor greater biodiversity because they are especially fertile grounds for the formation of new species — i.e., “cradles of diversity.” Another idea is that biodiversity hotspots are less likely to lose the species they already have.

Why is biodiversity highest in tropical rainforest?

The high species richness or biodiversity found in tropical rain forests is mainly due to their geographic location and the amount of precipitation they receive. Tropical rainforests fall along the equator and receive a large amount of precipitation.

What are 2 reasons that tropical ecosystems have greater biodiversity than temperature ecosystems?

Tropical environments, unlike temperate ones, are less seasonal, relatively more constant and predictable. Such, constant environments promote niche specialisation and lead to a greater species diversity. 2. There is more solar energy available in the tropics.

What is tropical biodiversity?

It is estimated that tropical forests contain more than half the species on Earth. The tropics represent a remarkable biodiversity, including plants, birds, insects like especially ants, beetles, butterflies and termites; amphibians, mammals, and other organism groups.

Why are tropical regions more diverse?

The higher temperatures in the tropics cause higher rates of metabolism, ecological dynamics and coevolutionary processes, which generate and maintain higher biodiversity.