Your question: How do forests help in conserving our wildlife and eco balance in nature?

Since, forests provide a habitat to wildlife, they help in conserving our wildlife. Animals release carbon-dioxide during respiration which is absorbed by plants. … Since forests contain a large number of plants and trees, they help in maintaining the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

How do forests help in conserving our wildlife?

Forests provide many resources such as food, medicine, fabric, and raw materials. Apart from keeping a check on the global temperature, forests also contribute towards preventing soil from getting eroded and shelters more than 80% of the animal species and terrestrial biodiversity.

How do forests help to maintain the balance in nature?

Forest provides habitat to different plants and animals. … They help to prevent soil erosion and decay of plants or its parts replenish the soil with nutrients. They maintain a proper balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide in the environment.

Why is it necessary to conserve our wildlife resources?

Wildlife conservation is very important because wildlife and wilderness play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance and contribute to human quality of life. … By conserving the wildlife and forest we are ensuring that all diverse species in an area survive, breed and flourish.

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How do forests help in maintaining?

2 Answers. Forests influence the local and probably global climates. They moderate the diurnal range of air temperatures and maintain atmospheric humidity levels. … Tree cover conserves moisture in the soil by providing shade that reduces the evaporative loss from radiant energy exchange with the atmosphere.

How we can conserve wildlife?

This has an effect on the food chain as well as the environment. … 3)More National Parks and Sanctuaries should be built throughout the country to protect the natural environments of wild animals and birds. 4) The Department of Government should conduct a wildlife conservation survey in all forests on a regular basis.

How do forest act as natural habitats for wildlife?

Forests are the only source that provide natural habitat to wildlife. Trees provide shade, reduce water, and contribute to the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem by providing habitat, shelter, and food to the wildlife. … Trees also provide food and shelter to a variety of birds and small animals.

What is forest and wildlife conservation?

Wildlife Conservation. The protection of diverse wildlife in the forest is called wildlife conservation. Wildlife is the animals and birds that live in the woods and that are not domesticated by anyone. The wood is their natural habitat, and destruction of the forests leads these animals to become homeless.

Why is conservation of forests important?

The importance of forests cannot be underestimated. We depend on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to the wood we use. Besides providing habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also offer watershed protection, prevent soil erosion and mitigate climate change.

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How does conservation of wildlife help to protect the ecosystem justify?

Wildlife is the major element of eco-system which plays an important role for the balance of natural environment. … But the healthy existence of environmental resources creates proper eco-balance. Similarly, the conservation of wildlife brings positive change to the environmental balance that protect the eco-system.