You asked: What are the major climate seasons in Kerala?

Kerala enjoys three major seasons – summer, monsoon and winter. Summer begins in March and ends in May, and winter begins around November and remains until February. Monsoon season in Kerala comes twice a year. Southwest monsoon, from June to August, is the main rainy season.

What are the 4 seasons in Kerala?

It can be divided into 4 seasons – Winter, Summer, South-West Monsoon and North-East Monsoon. Winter Season in Kerala: Winter in Kerala starts with the end of the northeast monsoons i.e. from the later part of November lasting till the middle of February.

What is the main climate of Kerala?

Kerala’s climate is mainly wet and maritime tropical, heavily influenced by the seasonal heavy rains brought up by the monsoon.

How many climates are there in Kerala?

The average level of annual rainfall is quite high when compared to other Indian states. The state basically enjoys 4 types of climate such as Winter, Summer, South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon. In Kerala the winter season starts when the northeast monsoons ends.

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What is the climate of Kerala Class 7?

The climate of Kerala is very hot and wet. The climate of Rajasthan is hot and dry.

What is the climate and weather of Kerala?

Kerala features a wet maritime climate and experiences heavy rains during the summer monsoon season (June to August), while in the east a drier tropical climate prevails. The average daytime temperature in Kerala ranges from 82°F to 90°F (28°C to 32°C) on the plains, but drops to about 68°F (20°C) in the highlands.

Which is spring season in Kerala?

Spring season in Kerala starts from mid-February and goes on till mid-April. Usually, due to the Western Ghats, the hot air from the north is unable to reach the state, and thus, the place experiences a pleasant climate during the spring.

Does Kerala have autumn season?

Although there is no Autumn in Kerala, the heat scorches the leaves on the trees causing them to wilt and shed, similar to Autumn leaves. However, Summers in Kerala do tend to be cooler than the rest of India. It generally rains throughout the year in Kerala.

Which are the two major rainy season in Kerala?

Kerala has been praised for years for its fine and equable weather. There are two major Monsoon seasons that come in June and Mid – October respectively. These never interfere with the daily life of the State and always have periods of sunlight in between.

Is Kerala hot or cold?

“God’s own country” Kerala is blessed with a climate of moderate temperatures. During the Indian summer when other states experience temperatures in excess or close to 40 degrees, weather in Kerala remains comparatively cool and pleasant. The plains and the coastal areas have warm weather.

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Which are the two rainy seasons of Kerala?

Kerala has two rainy seasons, the first starts in June and the second in mid-October and finally ends around mid-November. Unlike some other places, the monsoons in Kerala do not take the form of incessant rain over days and weeks.

What is the current season in Kerala?

Although the state has rains all year round , Kerala experiences two monsoon seasons: the main season from June – August and the second , from October to November. The first monsoon season arrives in June and continues till August.

How many monsoons are there in Kerala?

Monsoon season in Kerala comes twice a year. Southwest monsoon, from June to August, is the main rainy season. And Northeast monsoon, also known as the retreating monsoon, comes around October-November. Between the two monsoon seasons, the temperature remains cool in most parts of Kerala.