What are the 10 climate zones in Hawaii?

What climate zones are in Hawaii?

There are only five climate zones that you can not find on the Big Island of Hawaii.

These are:

  • Winter dry (temperate climate)
  • Winter dry (continental climate)
  • Summer dry (continental climate)
  • Continuously wet (continental climate)
  • Polar ice caps (polar climate)

How many climates are in Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands claim 10 of the world’s myriad climate zones, the only place on earth with so many concentrated in one small area. You can visit all of them on Hawai’i Island, or find a few scattered throughout the Islands.

What are the 12 major climate zones?

Terms in this set (12)

  • tropical wet. Climate zone which is hot and wet all year round. …
  • tropical wet and dry. rainy wet summer, dry winter; cooler dry season, warmer wet.
  • semi-arid. hot summers mild winters; mild amounts of rain.
  • desert. …
  • mediterranean. …
  • marine west coast. …
  • humid sub tropical. …
  • humid continental.

What are the climate zones in order?

The Earth has three main climate zones: tropical, temperate, and polar.

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What climate zone is Kona Hawaii?

The fourth tropical sub-zone, the Tropical Wet and Dry, lies along mauka Kona. It is characterized by wet summers and dry winters. Kona is the only place in the whole state which receives its high rainfall in the kau (summer) and not hooilo (winter). Finally, we arrive at the Arid to Semi-Arid Climate.

Is Hawaii in the Tropic Zone?

Hawaii is in the tropics, where the length of day and temperature are relatively uniform throughout the year. … On a clear winter day, level ground in Hawaii receives at least 67 percent as much solar energy between sunrise and sunset as it does on a clear summer day.

How many climate zones are in Oahu?

Between Oahu’s two climate zones, Hot Semi-Desert (BSh) and Tropical Rainforest (Af), there are several microclimate variations.

What are the 9 climate zones?

Climate Zones

  • A – Tropical Climates. Tropical moist climates extend north and south from the equator to about 15° to 25° latitude. …
  • B – Dry Climates. …
  • C – Moist Subtropical Mid-Latitude Climates. …
  • D – Moist Continental Mid-Latitude Climates. …
  • E – Polar Climates. …
  • H – Highlands.

What are the 5 different climate zones?

There are approximately five main climate types on Earth:

  • Tropical.
  • Dry.
  • Temperate.
  • Continental.
  • Polar.

What are the 5 zones of climate?

Global climates are often divided into five types: tropical, dry, temperate, cold and polar.

What are the 13 different climate zones?


  • POLAR AND TUNDRA. Polar climates are cold and dry, with long, dark winters. …
  • DESERT. …
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What are the 6 major climate zones?

There are six main climate regions: tropical rainy, dry, temperate marine, temperate continental, polar, and highlands. The tropics have two types of rainy climates: tropical wet and tropical wet-and- dry.