Question: Which ecosystem is highly productive?

Tropical rainforest :- this forest has high soil moisture , high availability of nutrients so it has high net primary productivity. Hence, they are the most stable ecosystem. Our required answer is tropical rainforest.

Which is the most productive ecosystem?

Tropical rainforests show the highest productivity in terrestrial ecosystems.

What makes a highly productive ecosystem?

‘Productive’ ecosystems are defined as those that support a large total amount of living matter, from tiny microbes up to plants and animals. … Conversely, when there is too much dispersal in an ecosystem, species evolve to be ‘generalists’ that can survive in many habitats, but fail to thrive in any given one.

Which of the following is most productive?

In terms of net primary productivity tropical rain forest is at the top followed by coral reef, easturies and desert and ocean.

Is coral reefs highly productive?

Coral reefs are highly productive ecosystems hosting a high diversity of species, but apparently thrive in a nutrient poor environment.

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Is sugarcane field a productive ecosystem?

The most productive ecosystem are coral reef ecosystem due to structural complexity. It is also called as tropical rain forests. It includes temperate and tropical forests. … Sugarcane is the most productive agroecosystem.

Where is the highest primary productivity found?

The highest net primary productivity in terrestrial environments occurs in swamps and marshes and tropical rainforests; the lowest occurs in deserts.

What is the most productive ecosystem in the ocean?

Coral reefs are among the most productive ecosystems on the planet, with the primary producers at the base of the food chain (including corals) supporting their complex food webs.

Which world ecosystems are most productive in terms of biomass?

What units are used in this figure to quantify biomass accumulation? The most productive ecosystems are tropical rain forests and estuaries. The least productive ecosystems are desert and open ocean. The units to quantify biomass accumulation are 1,000/kcal/m2/year.

Which of the following forest show high productivity?

Explanation: Productivity of tropical rain forest is highest. The tropical rain forest cover 300,000 km2 area. They contain more than 50% of total flora and fauna of the world.

Which is among the world’s most productive ecosystem in terms of biomass?

Kindly note that highest primary productivity is found in Tropical Forests, Estuaries and Swamps/ Marshes. Each of them produces around 9000 Kcal per meter² per year. Tropical Rainforests have high primary productivity because of availability of plenty of solar light and water.

Is Deep Sea a productive ecosystem?

They estimate that worldwide, deep-sea hydrothermal vent microbial communities can produce more than 4,000 tons of organic carbon each day, the building block of life. That is roughly the same amount of carbon in 200 blue whales — making these ecosystems among the ocean’s most productive on a per volume basis.

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Is Deep Sea most productive ecosystem?

-Oceans contain lots of nutrients but they have no sufficient sunlight reaching in the deep areas, therefore, oceans have the least productivity among all ecosystems.

Which of the following is least productive ecosystem?

Least productive ecosystem is desert and deep lake.