How relief and climate influence the vegetation cover of India explain?

Answer Expert Verified. Climate plays a very important role in influencing the vegetation cover of India. The areas with high temperature and high humidity support dense forests and high temperature and low humidity support thorny bushes. … On the other hand, regions which experience less rainfall have thorny shrubs.

How does relief and rainfall influence the distribution of natural vegetation in India?

The relief and rainfall of any region determine the natural vegetation of that place. … The western slopes of the Western Ghats receive more than 200 cm of rainfall. Due to heavy rainfall, tropical evergreen forests are found in this region on a large scale.

How does relief affect the natural vegetation of an area?

Relief Feature greatly affects the natural Vegetation of a region because the more height of a region is, it will be more cold and only mosses and lichens can grow but if the relief feature or the height of a place is decreased then a variety of plants grows.

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How does climate influence the natural vegetation of an area?

Plants absorb water and release energy that helps determine the type of climate a particular region experiences. The moisture released into the atmosphere by plants contributes to the climate, while the moisture level in the climate in turn contributes back to the Earth’s ability to foster the growth of vegetation.

How does relief affect the natural vegetation of India?

> The relief affects vegetation as the type of land determines the vegetation, woodlands, fertile land used, and dry and rough terrain have grasslands. > Thorny bushes and plants such as cactus, mangrove forests, swamps are in sandy soils.

How does relief influence the distribution of rainfall in India?

If the mountain ranges are high and act as a barrier , then they cause heavy rainfall on the windward side , for example the garo , khasi , jaintia hills which act as a funnel and cause heavy rainfallin mawsynram, Cherrapunji etc.

What is relief influence?

Relief can influence the amount of precipitation an area receives. When air is forced to rise over a mountain range, it cools and the moisture within it condenses. … This type of rainfall is called orographic rainfall or relief rainfall. It rains mostly on the windward slopes.

How rainfall and relief influence the vegetation of an area?

Factors like rainfall and relief influence the vegetation of an area. Rainfall determines he type, character and extent of vegetation in an area. Areas of heavy rainfall have dense vegetation with rich forests whereas areas with less rainfall especially the arid and semi-arid areas have thorny and shrub vegetation.

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How does relief features affect agriculture?

The growth of plants depends on the temperature and humidity of the land and the amount of light it receives. We also cant grow plants in areas of severe drought. Livestock farming and forestry adapt better to mountainous terrain. The relief will also affect the available water resources.

What are the factors that influence the vegetation cover in India?

Factors that affect natural vegetation of a place are:

  • Land. Land affects the growth of natural vegetation as different kinds of vegetation grow on mountains, plateaus, plains and in deserts. …
  • Soil. Soil determines the growth of different types of vegetation. …
  • Temperature. …
  • Photoperiod. …
  • Precipitation.

What is climate vegetation?

Vegetation includes all plants from evergreen forests to grassy meadows and cropland. All types of plants play a role in both the water cycle and the earth’s energy balance. They affect weather and climate mostly through evapotranspiration and albedo.

How do the relief climate and soil features affect the agriculture of a particular place explain?

Answer: -Relief: Plains associated with relief are more suitable for agriculture than the highlands. Moreover, it becomes easier to use modern equipment on plain regions, whereas it is difficult to use machines on rugged topography. -Climate: Agriculture is highly sensitive to climate variability.

How do temperature and rainfall affect the distribution of natural vegetation?

Explanation: the assemblage of plant species in an environment is known as Natural vegetation. temperature and rainfall affect the the growth of vegetation like , in high rainfall , the forests are thick and dense . as in low rainfall, the size of trees decreases.

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What type of wildlife is found in India give a brief account?

(a) India is rich in its wildlife. It has more than 89,000 of animal species, more than 1200 species of birds and about 2500 species of fish . (b) Elephants are found in the hot wet forests of’Assam, Kamataka and Kerala. One-homed rhinoceros live in swampy and marshy lands of Assam and North-west Bengal.

What percentage of forest cover needs to be increased?

To achieve this goal, India plans to create carbon sinks of 2.5 to 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents by increasing its forest and tree cover to 33% of its land area.