Frequent question: What is the purpose of ecosystem based management?

The goal of EBM is to maintain an ecosystem in a healthy, productive and resilient condition so that it can provide the services humans want and need. According to the COMPASS Scientific Consensus Statement, ecosystem-based management: emphasizes the protection of ecosystem structure, functioning and key processes.

Why is ecosystem based management important?

Ecosystem-based management is a tool that, similar to the Red List of Ecosystems, can be used to address ecosystem degradation. IUCN encourages integrated management of ecosystems that promotes biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of resources in an equitable way.

What is the purpose of ecosystem service?

Ecosystem services make human life possible by, for example, providing nutritious food and clean water, regulating disease and climate, supporting the pollination of crops and soil formation, and providing recreational, cultural and spiritual benefits.

How does ecosystem based management work?

Ecosystem Based Management is defined as: An integrated approach that incorporates the entire ecosystem, including humans, into resource management decisions, and is guided by an adaptive management approach.

What is ecosystem based management and adaptive management?

Ecosystem-based management is an integrated adaptive management approach to help us consider tradeoffs in resource uses and protect and sustain diverse and productive ecosystems and the services they provide.

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What are the 3 perspectives an ecosystem based approach?

Thus, the application of the ecosystem approach will help to reach a balance of the three objectives of the Convention: conservation; sustainable use; and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources.

What is ecosystem services and management?

The Ecosystem Services and Management Program (ESM) has built integrated knowledge and data systems to provide a trusted science base for land management policy processes in many global regions. These aim to improve human wellbeing and sustainable management of the Earth’s natural resources.

What is the importance of ecosystem in this modern environment?

Healthy terrestrial ecosystems are vital for human welfare and survival, as they provide us with essential products and benefits. Over 90% of our food comes from terrestrial ecosystems, which also provide energy, building materials, clothes, medicines, fresh and clean water, and clean air.

What are the benefits of ecosystem?

The benefits ecosystems provide include food, water, timber, air purification, soil formation and pollination. But human activities are destroying biodiversity and altering the capacity of healthy ecosystems to deliver this wide range of goods and services.

What is the focus of ecosystem based management quizlet?

What is the focus of ecosystem-based management? It focuses on minimizing the impact of extracting resources from an ecosystem.

What is ecosystem based planning?

Ecosystem based planning is a method of land use planning that ensures the protection, maintenance, and restoration of biological diversity, at all spatial and temporal scales. Ecosystem based planning is a way of relating to and using forests that reflects Xaxli’p values.

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