Frequent question: What is meant by the term wildlife Why should forest and wildlife be conserved class 8?

We should protect forest and wildlife because Forests provide us oxygen, they cause rainfall, prevents soil erosion, Plants depend on animals and birds for their pollination and seed dispersal. … The wild life including animal, plant and marine biodiversity keeps ecosystems functional and balanced.

What is meant by term wildlife Why should forest and wildlife be conserved?

Naturally occurring plants and animals are the flora and fauna of the forests. Forests are biodiversity hotspots. The loss of forests and wild life leads to the ecological imbalance. Hence, it is important to conserve forests and wild life.

Why should forest and wildlife be conserved class 8?

We should conserve forests because they are essential for us in the following terms: Forest provide us with oxygen, they cause rainfall. Forest prevents soil erosion. Plants are dependent on animals and birds for their pollination and seed dispersal.

What is meant by the term wildlife ‘?

Definition of wildlife

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: living things and especially mammals, birds, and fishes that are neither human nor domesticated.

What is wildlife Class 8?

Animals that grow or live in the wild without any human interference are known as wildlife. … Wildlife helps keep the food chain in place and thereby maintain ecological stability. It also helps maintain the stability of the various natural processes.

What is forest and wildlife?

Forests and Wildlife: A forest is a large area of land that is dominated by trees, aquatic biomes, animals belonging to several species, and a million varieties of microorganisms. We can find many wild animals present in the forests. Forests and wildlife are interdependent in the environment.

What is forest and wildlife conservation?

Wildlife Conservation. The protection of diverse wildlife in the forest is called wildlife conservation. Wildlife is the animals and birds that live in the woods and that are not domesticated by anyone. The wood is their natural habitat, and destruction of the forests leads these animals to become homeless.

Why should wildlife be conserved?

Wildlife conservation is very important because wildlife and wilderness play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance and contribute to human quality of life. … By conserving the wildlife and forest we are ensuring that all diverse species in an area survive, breed and flourish.

Why should wildlife be conserved according to you?

Answer: Conservation of Wildlife is important to protect the endangered plants and animal species along with their natural habitat. The main concern is to preserve the habitats so that the future generations of wildlife and even humans can enjoy it.

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What is conservation of forest and wildlife Class 8?

Conservation of forests

Conservation refers to preservation and management of plant and animal species to protect them from being extinct. Forests can be conserved by maintaining biosphere reserves, wild life sanctuaries and national parks zoological parks and botanical gardens.

What is wildlife Class 9?

Wildlife consists of wild animals (fauna) and plants (flora). They help in maintaining a balance in nature. Flora can make their own food, while fauna cannot and are dependent on plants or animals for the same. They are found in all kinds of vegetation.

How can we conserve wildlife?

Complete answer:

  1. Any legislation should be enacted to make it illegal to kill or capture endangered animals or birds. …
  2. Forest authorities should not allow the indiscriminate killing of wild birds and animals, regardless of their abundance.

What is wildlife describe the importance of wildlife?

Wildlife helps in maintaining the eco-logical balance of nature. Killing of carnivores leads to an increase in the number of herbivores which in turn affect the forest vegetation, thus due to lack of food in the forest they come out from the forest to agriculture land and destroy our crops.

What is meant by wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting plant and animal species and their habitats. As part of the world’s ecosystems, wildlife provides balance and stability to nature’s processes. … This means natural resources are being consumed faster than ever by the billions of people on the planet.

What is forest for class 4th?

Forests prevent soil erosion and control floods. The trees supply oxygen to the air. They increase rainfall by keeping the air cool, and releasing water vapour in the air. Some villages completely depends on forest for food, fuel, etc.

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