Best answer: What is the validity period of environmental impact assessment EIA clearance for any project?

According to the EIA Notification, the prior environmental clearance granted for a project or activity shall be valid for a maximum period of ten years and for some projects it is five years.

What is the validity of environmental clearance?

The clearance granted shall be valid for a period of five years for commencements of the construction or operation of the project. The process is summarised in Figure 2.1: Environmental clearance process in India. Involvement of the public is one of the fundamental principles of a successful EIA process.

What is the validity time period for EIA report for mining projects?

The draft provides environment clearance validity for 50 years for mining projects, against 30 years in the present notification; 15 years from river valley projects against 10 years.

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How long is an environmental impact assessment?

The time to prepare an EIS ranged from 51 days to 6,708 days (18.4 years). The average time for all federal entities was 3.4 years.

What is the validity of environmental clearance for mining projects?

“The prior environmental clearance granted for a project or activity shall be valid for a period of ten years in the case of River Valley projects (item 1(c) of the Schedule), project life as estimated by Expert Appraisal Committee or State Level Expert Appraisal Committee subject to a maximum of thirty years for …

What projects require environmental clearance?


  • Mining of Minerals.
  • Offshore and Onshore oil and gas exploration, development & production.
  • River Valley Projects.
  • Thermal Power Plants.
  • Nuclear Power Projects and Processing of Nuclear Fuel.

In which year environmental impact assessment began in India?

History of EIA in India

It started in 1976-77 when the Planning Commission asked the Department of Science and Technology to examine the river-valley projects from an environmental angle. Till 1994, environmental clearance from the Central Government was an administrative decision and lacked legislative support.

What is the validity of environmental clearance for mining projects in India?

The ministry’s February 16 order highlighted that its April 2018 order enabled those “whose environmental clearance under was granted EIA notification 1994 and was considered as valid for five years, to apply for environment clearance under EIA notification 2006”.

When EIA is usually required for a development project?

Schedule II projects will only require EIA if it’s decided that the project is likely to have ‘significant’ environmental effects. There will usually be a threshold to determine if a case by case screening decision is required.

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In which year public hearing was made a part of environmental impact assessment in India?

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) was first introduced in India under Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1986.

Environmental Public Hearing.

Year No. of EPH Total Organized
Total 939 1232

How long is a NEPA document valid?

Final EAs or final EISs. FAA considers a final EA or final EIS valid for 3 years. For final EAs, the 3-year period begins when the responsible FAA official accepts the final EA as a Federal document.

Why is environmental impact assessment EIA necessary in today’s time?

i) To disclose significant environmental effects of proposed projects to decision-makers and the public. ii) To identify ways to avoid or reduce environmental damage. iii) To prevent adverse environmental impacts by requiring implementation of feasible alternatives or mitigation measures.

When did the term environmental impact assessment originate?

EIA as a mandatory regulatory procedure originated in the early 1970s, with the implementation of the National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) 1969 in the US.

What is environmental clearance?

Environmental Clearance is the procedure to get clearance from the government for the installation and modification (amendment) of certain projects. It is mandatory for projects which can cause high environmental Pollution.

How do I get environmental clearance for mining?

Site clearance will be given for site specific projects as mentioned in para-2(ii) of the notification. Application for obtaining site clearance from MOEF has to be submitted along with 2 copies of EIA/EMP report through the concerned State Department.

Which would be the second step in an EIA?

Learn – Step 2: Scoping

  1. Identifying all relevant issues and factors, including cumulative effects, social impacts, and health risks.
  2. Facilitating meaningful public engagement and review.
  3. Determining the appropriate time and space boundaries of the EIA.
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